Behind The Scenes

As the production team here at The Vanquished grows ever-larger, we are excited about the ideas that new contributors bring to the table.  We recently added a smashing screenwriter to our ranks (pun intended?) that has already demonstrated that she will be a pillar of support to the series as we progress.  But even as we expand, our core group must wear many hats on a daily basis.

From creating period-appropriate dialogue, to scouting locations, each of us has to be able to switch roles in an instant.  Though this juggling act can be a delicate act at times, our passion for the series itself is unwavering.  I seldom know people that will sit for 13 ½ hours trying to figure out what the proper structure of a partisan band would be in 1942.  We are discovering new things about this time period each day, which proves to be an extremely rewarding experience.  I don’t know if understanding how to scavenge food on the steppes of Russia is a useful skill in Chicago, but I’ll take it.  Maybe it will make a good first date story (fingers crossed).


But equally as rewarding is when we get to take all that hard-earned expertise and see it put onto film.  We had just such a chance over the weekend, when we filmed Anna’s climatic capture by the young German Captain, Erich.  Be sure to check out the clip in the post directly below.  In addition, we captured some fantastic footage of a partisan attack on a German motorcycle courier.Our quarters for the night?  An authentic underground bunker created by members of a local WWII reenactment group.  It may have been cramped at times, and kerosene doesn’t last forever (who knew?), but the ambiance was well worth it.  Rising at the break of dawn to capture to perfect lighting, I’d say that we got some stellar footage.  The team worked together well, as always.  And despite my incessant need to make minor tweaks to the script between takes, we accomplished a great deal.

Cell phone coverage under 10 feet of earth?  That’s another story….