The Vanquished is an epic miniseries that follows the crisis of conscience between two people caught in the crucible of war on the Eastern Front.  One survives it, while the other is consumed by it.

In the second year of the war against Russia, the German Army is facing insurmountable odds as their Russian foe gains strength each day.  Captain Erich Bodo von Moritz, a dedicated follower of Hitler’s New Order, finds his morality put to the test amid an increasingly savage struggle of attrition.  His command of an elite German motorized unit is unquestioned by his men, but the values he cherished are slowly eroded as the war spirals out of control.  Through one brief encounter, the humanity that he previously discarded is reawakened, leading him to grapple with the downfall of the ideals which guided his life.


Fleeing to the East to escape Nazi persecution, German refugee Anna Muller finds herself doing whatever she must to survive.  As a Jew, she is forced to navigate a precarious landscape of suspicion, betrayal, and death.  Unable to trust anyone, Anna struggles to retain what faith in humanity she can.  One by one, those she considered friends fall victim to vindictiveness and wide scale atrocities.   As the tide turns in favor of the Red Army, the increasingly barbaric actions she witnesses forces Anna to choose between saving her life or sacrificing the values she once cherished to survive the war.

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