Production Team & Cast Interviews

So we’ve finally cleared the last of the mud off of our vehicles, equipment, and uniforms from last weekend.  It was a tiring and busy time, but we got some stellar footage with our leading actress, Maggie McDonnell.  After scouring a MidWestern historical site for locations, we captured some compelling images for our Social Media sites.  From scenes of Russian campsite at dawn, to Partisan fighters meeting with Red Army soldiers, going through our hundreds of pictures and countless video clips once again energizes our efforts.  We strive for authenticity and challenge ourselves on a daily basis to replicate the sights, smells, and sounds of the Eastern Front.  While this may be challenging to accomplish over sixty years later, our talented producers and cast have not only met our expectations, but exceeded them.  We applaud their efforts.

A special thanks goes out to the members of the 95th Rifles reenacting group, who stood in as our fearless Red Army extras.  Many of their ranks are filled with Russian reenactors, who helped us by adding some period dialogue to our scenes.

Richard Russo, Adam Bednar, and Maggie McDonnell took some time out of the busy filming to talk about how The Vanquished came to be.  Take a look at the following interviews with some of the key people behind this exciting new miniseries!

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