The Infamous MG-42

We are very fortunate here at The Vanquished to have a team of passionate, dedicated individuals that are committed to creating an authentic series.  Sure, there has been Saving Private Ryan, Band of Brothers, and Defiance, but our project is unique in many respects.

Without rambling too much (my specialty?), the leadership of our team (specifically Rich Russo, Joe Tutkowski, and Adam Bednar) have a collective 30 years of experience in the reenacting community.  Each member is located near the Chicago land area, which contains one of the largest World War Two reenacting communities in the United States.  As a result of our extensive contacts across the Midwest, we have access to all manner of tanks, aircraft, heavy equipment.

So what does that mean for The Vanquished?  To make a long story short, we can bring dozens of period vehicles, along with potentially hundreds of uniformed reenactors to our series.  And that leads us directly into our latest post!

For all of you military weaponry geeks out there, enjoy the following clip.  For all of you that may have never seen the piece of German engineering below, let me give you the run-down.

The MG-42, also known as “Hitler’s Buzz Saw” was a German heavy machine gun that many American, British and Russian soldiers found themselves facing during the Second World War.  Able to deliver over 1,000 rounds per minute, it was widely feared by the Allies for its ability to stop an advance dead in its tracks.  It was a revolutionary design and would inspire generations of machine guns to come.



DISCLAIMER:  This is a modified, blank-firing replica that is incapable of loading and firing live rounds.  All weapons and vehicles that are featured on the Vanquished website have been similarly modified to conform to all States & Federal laws in the United States.

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